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The Property Graduate


The show for aspirational property developers and investors.


Whether you have experience in property developing or not, Property Graduate is open to everybody who thinks they can become The Property Graduate 2022.

The prize itself is forming a property company with well know property developer and investor John Howard, with the winner being given 50% of the shares.


John, will make up-to £1million available to the company to purchase a property and the winner of Property Graduate 2022 will have 12 months in which to find a project for that company to invest in.

The Property Graduate will receive 50% share of the profit and potentially have a John as a business partner for life.


It’s not a job offer, there is no salary involved and John would always recommend that the Property Graduate should keep their current  job and look for deals at the same time.

The process of becoming the Property Graduate 2022 is a 3 part process:


1) The Interviews
2) The Challenge
3) The Deal

In order to choose the Property Graduate 2022, John is going to be abley assisted by two fantastic women who have vast experience in property and finance.


Helen Chorley who graduated from Oxford University and then went into the city. She advises and also uses her own funds to invest in property developments across the UK.  Participants won’t want to get their costing wrong because Helen won’t.


Then there is Fiona Talbot who has been a property developer for many years. She has vast experience in the industry and has a reputation for a no nonsense approach which means every entrant needs to come with their A game.


Last but not least it is important to say that it’s not necessarily going to be the person with the most property experience that wins The Property Graduate 2022. It may well be someone with no property experience but has lots of potential in the eyes of Helen, Fiona and John.

The show will be filmed on the 3rd May, 16th May & 31st May at a location close to the London and near the M25

To apply to Property Graduate 2022 click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of this page.

Applications close 25th April!

The process:

The show is comprised of three main stages:

 1 .   The Interviews

 2 .   The Challenge

 3 .   The Deal

Each of the stages will be judged by John Howard and his two trusted advisors, Fiona Talbot and Helen Chorley, who both have decades worth of property experience behind them.

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Fiona Talbot has been growing her property company for over 2 decades. Having started with just £4,000 she invests in mixed property assets and has now build a significant balance sheet of over £20million worth of assets 100% privately owned by her.


Fiona advocates value investing principles as a means of growth. Looking for the value creation or improvement in deals while protecting any potential downside.


Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she graduated from the University of Melbourne before coming to the UK in 1998. She originally worked as an analyst, preparing reports in the Business Analysis and Reporting team for the board and has a background in audit and accountancy.

Helen Chorley

Helen Chorley has been quietly forging her own slow and steady investment path of tireless due diligence and capital preservation. It’s no wonder she is now in demand by cash-rich investors and developers alike, all keen to have her seal of approval before committing to deals. 


 Once an investment banker, she swapped the trading floor for property investing and is now a well known industry ‘hyperrealist,’ funder and one of the Angel Investors on the “Property Elevator” TV series.  

As an investment expert she is a sought after speaker and regularly shares her insights on the property market in the press and media. She is a proptech NED and is also on the judging panel for national awards. She enjoys dividing her time between London, Malta and Bermuda.

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