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The Rules


1. To enter the competition to the the Property Graduate 2022 the application form on must be completed

2. Successful applicants may be requested to send in a short video of themselves explaining why they should be the Property Graduate 2022


3. The producer of the show will shortlist approximately 20 - 30 Entrants 


4. The successful entrants will be invited to be interviewed on camera by the 3 judges on the 3rd May 2022 near London and close to the M25

5. Of the Entrants that attend filming on 3rd May, 8 - 10 will be chosen to proceed to the next stage of the process and asked to come back on the 16th May.

6. On the 16th May the successful applicants at this stage will be given the task of analysing a single property deal each within one hour. They will then have to explain how and why they decided to develop the project in the way they decided too and what they would pay in order to produce a net profit after all costs and interest as close to 30% as possible


7. The 10 participants will then be judged on their efforts and reduced to 3 finalists


8. The 3 finalists will then be asked to return on the 31st May with a potentially investable deal


9. The winner will be chosen by the 3 judges, not necessarily on the deal they brought on the day but by their overall property developing potential. The winner will be known as The Property Graduate 2022


10. The Property Graduate 2022 will then have the opportunity to form a property company with John Howard, which they will have 50% of the shares. John Howard will fund the purchase of a property up to one £1million. The Property Graduate 2022 will not be expected to sign any financial guarantees or loan


11. The Property Graduate 2022 will have up-to 12 months from the 31st May to come up with a development that it’s deemed good enough by John Howard to invest into


12. The competition does not offer a job opportunity in any way to the successful entrant, nor offers any fees or expenses in them finding and working with John Howard on a Development


13. The Winner of the competition will receive 50% of the net profit after all costs and expenses associated with the particular deal that they have sourced and been purchased by the Company which they have a 50% stake in with John Howard

14. Everybody who enters the show (successful or not) will be invited to an exclusive private event in November. The theme of the event will be how to Joint Venture with The John Howard Joint Venture Fund

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